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April 2021 GAK Newsletter

SAVE THE DATE:  Maitag / Maibaumaufstellen, April 30 / May 1

Even as we see the light at the end of the tunnel for this pandemic, our annual Maitag / Maibaumaufstellen (Mayday / raising of the maypole) will shift to a limited capacity affair. We will have a spring-inspired menu and music on the Edelweiss Biergarten for Friday April 30th (Walpurgisnacht) and Saturday, May 1st (Maitag). We’ll be tapping the MashCraft Special Maibock bier, as is customary for the festivities, and raising the maypole. Save the date and make your reservations early.

Optimator on Tap for Starkbierzeit at the Edelweiss! 

The time encompassing Lent is traditionally known as “Starkbierzeit”, or “Strong Bier Time”. The term dates back to when monks would sustain themselves with rich, malty, and high alcohol biers during the Lenten fasts—the origin story of the Germany’s famous doppelbocks. To commemorate this and be festive, Spaten Optimator is now on tap in the Edelweiss though the end of Lent. This is a rich malty amber-colored doppelbock, served slightly warmer than most biers, and pairs wonderfully with the rich German food we serve. “Lass Dir ratentrinke Spaten.“ We also have a selection of other imported doppelbocks in bottles if you’d like to diversify.