GAK Kindertanzgruppe
The Children’s Dance Group

The Kindertanzgruppe is run by Marie Lawlor with the help of Kathy Hoke and Bonnie Bauchle.
Practice typically has taken place on Saturday mornings.  Performances usually include Oktoberfest and the Indiana State Fair.

We are always happy to add new dancers to our group. Some have started as early as 3.  Dance. Some of our teen dancers have left us for college, but when they are back in town, they dance with us when possible. Feel free to bring your child to watch a practice or two and participate if the mood strikes. We are a very flexible group. There is no cost to participate and we have plenty of costumes for the kids.

All practices are in TGAK ballroom from 10:00 – 11:30 on Saturday.   Note – little ones can expect to be finished closer to 11:00 – if enough teens are present, we will practice teen dances at the end.

Parents and Grandparents: Get your children interested.  For heritage and culture to survive we must have young folk to carry the load on to the next generation.  It is fun, educational, and good exercise to boot.

If you are just not sure if the kids would like the program or not, bring them by some Wednesday night at 7:30. The adult dance group practices from 7:30 until 9:00 each Wednesday except the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This will give the youngsters a taste of what German folk dancing is all about.

Please contact Marie for more information.