Membership Meeting Bier… April 19th, 8:00 P.M.

The Klub could not give out “free” bier as that would be a violation of the regulations of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission. If someone wished to pick up the tab for others then that would be permissible. It would also be permissible for the Klub to run a drink special for that evening that would keep the tab down to a reasonable number, provided that such a special were made available to all members wishing to take advantage that evening.

To wit: If, Bob wanted to buy Steve, Ray, and Phil a bier, there is no way to stop him, provided Bob is a member. The Klub could, on that day, offer a special on a particular variety of bier for $1. However, if member Walter wanted to buy the $1 bier for himself, then he must be allowed to do so.

Now that the hypotheticals are demonstrated, I will divulge the particulars that can be put it into practice…

On the evening in question, we will run Warsteiner Oktoberfest bottles on special for $1 each. If someone wants to buy other members a bottle to celebrate their coming to the Klub that night, they are free to do so. Thanks to a special purchase of this bier, the Klub would have a cost of $.75 per bottle (approximately) so there would still be some profit to the Klub, but I think we can agree that the $1 per bottle price would not in any way be a burden to anyone wishing to be generous to their fellow members.

…Chuck Kemp

Okay, sounds good to me. I’ll pay for a beer or soft drink that is provided at/during the meeting for each member. We need to do something to get members to participate at least at the Annual Meeting. As many members must go to work the next day, I’m hopeful that maybe we could schedule our Annual meeting next year on a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps have a pitch-in with the Klub taking care of the main course, have the Tanzgruppe entertain a little and enjoy the afternoon besides conducting the meeting.

Do we have enough pretzels that we could cut them up in bite size pieces with a cup of cheese so that members have that available too? I’ll cover that cost also as needed. Just trying to do something a little more special than just showing up for a normal meeting.

…Merrill (Doc) Simmerman, TGAK President