Do I have to prove German ancestry to join the Klub?

Not in our Klub! Just be interested in German culture and have a tremendous desire to have a good time with lots of nice folks (and a couple old grouches). The Germans call this Gemütlichkeit!

Are there any financial advantages to membership?

Members get discounts when ordering meals in the Edelweiss Restaurant.  You also get free admission to the annual Oktoberfest, Sudzfest, and other TGAK events!

Does that mean we have to be members to eat in the Edelweiss Restaurant?

You do not need to be a member to eat at the Edelweiss or participate in any Klub Activity.  Do remember though TGAK members eat at the Edelweiss at a discounted rate.

Do I have to come down to the Klub to get a Membership Application, or could you just mail me one?

We’ll do you one better. To join, download and print the Membership Application form

2021 GAK Membership Application

Fill out the application.
Please print clearly; especially your e-mail address.

Mail or email the application along with your check to:
  The German-American Klub
  Membership Chairman
  8602 S. Meridian Street
  Indianapolis, IN 46217

To email form or for membership questions please contact our Membership Chairman, Merrill:


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